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Ateneo Korean Studies Program (KSP)

The Ateneo Korean Studies Program (KSP) was officially established in February 2016 as an autonomous unit under the School of Social Sciences. KSP houses and develops relevant academic and research sub-programs related to Korea. It has the widest Korean Studies course offerings for undergraduate students in the country and is a pioneer in conducting in inter-university and regional Korean Studies outreach seminars and lectures.

Specifically, KSP’s programs and activities are aimed at promoting Korea-related research among scholars from and outside the region; fostering cultural and academic exchanges between Filipinos and Koreans; and sharing its Korean Studies resources to the public. Through its diverse initiatives and partnerships, it works towards becoming a HUB for Korean Studies in the Philippines and in ASEAN.

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A project initiated by the Ateneo Korean Studies Program and the Rizal Library in cooperation with the Korean Cultural Center, this portal was set up to integrate information on Korean Studies references housed by different libraries and related institutions in the Philippines. Functioning as a 'union catalogue', the portal aims to serve as a database of Korea-related resources and contribute to the development of a Korean Studies HUB in the Philippines.

Specifically, it aims to:

  •   Promote the Korean Studies collection of different local resource centers, libraries and related organizations
  •   Propel academic research on Korean Studies
  •   Encourage inter-library resource exchange

Through this portal, Ateneo KSP and the Rizal Library likewise hope to make its Window on Korea collection available and accessible to the public.

The creation of this portal was made possible by Academy of Korean Studies – Overseas Korean Studies Seed Grant received by Ateneo in 2012 and the WOK grant of the National Library of Korea.

The founding members of this portal project consist of 10 libraries from various colleges and universities namely, Asian Center-University of the Philippines Diliman; Ateneo de Manila University Rizal Library; De La Salle University; De La Salle University-Dasmarinas; Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines; National University; San Sebastian College-Recoletos; University of Asia and the Pacific; University of the East; University of Rizal System. Databases of all participating libraries were integrated in the portal after the MOU signing ceremony that took place on July 15, 2016 at the Korean Cultural Center.

Apart from the union catalogue, this portal also houses 2 databases, namely, the Database of Filipino Scholars with Korea-related Research and the Database of PIKO Alumni Network, contributed by PIKO Inc. (Pinoy Iskolar sa Korea/network of Filipino scholars in Korea)

필리핀 내의 한국학 자료 포털 (통합 검색 색인)

본 포털은 아테네오 한국 학과와 아테네오 데 마닐라의 리잘 도서관의 프로젝트로 필리핀내의 여러도서관에서 소장하고 있는 한국학 자료들을 한곳에 통합하기 위해 세워졌습니다.

통합 검색 색인으로서, 포털은 필리핀 내의 한국학의 중추의 발달에 공헌하며 한국학 관련 자료들의데이터베이스로 쓰이는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다.

특히, 다음을 목표로 하고 있습니다:

  •   현지의 다양한 자료 센터, 도서관과 관련 기관들의한국학 자료 콜렉션을 홍보하는 것
  •    한국학의 학문적 연구를 촉진시키는 것
  •   도서관간의 자료 교환을 북돋우는 것

본 포털을 통하여, 아테네오 한국 학과와 리잘 도서관은 Window on Korea 콜렉션을 대중에 선보이고대중의 접근을 가능케 하는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다.

본 포털의 설립은 2012년에 아테네오가 받았던 Academy of Korean Studies – Overseas Korean Studies Seed Grant하고한국의 국립도서관의 Window on Korea Grant에 의해 가능한 일 이었습니다.